Bio Detox


Biodetox works through a process known as electrolysis and the creation of an electromagnetic field, causing the precipitation of substances with an ionic capacity that are dissolved in the water, on the skin or in the pores of feet submerged in the Detox bath. The many areas of the feet or hands are stimulated by the electromagnetic energy generated, and the stimulus is carried through different organs and systems.

The result of this process is the mobilization of residue and waste product, while the organs responsible for the draining and elimination of harmful substances are stimulated naturally.

Detox uses bioenergy generated by the “array” submerged in water. The re-balancing and the gradual improvement of our health is kick-started by this, but also thanks to the water’s ability to transmit information, the presence of sebaceous glands, reflex points or areas in the soles of our feet, and the bioenergetic flow continuously running through our body.

What are the benefits of the Detox process?

Through clinical experience we have found that regular use of the Ionic Spa Mary Staggs, improves a number of ailments such as:

Circulatory problems
Skin problems
Digestive problems Premenstrual tension
Cold and/or swollen extremities Back pain
Joint pain
Migraine and headaches