Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy

In Spain, ozone therapy is based upon the varied beneficial effects of gas within the organism. The dose of ozone acts like an antioxidant. It can modulate the immune system, stimulating white blood cells, which increases defense mechanisms to fight external attacks such as infections. This also enables the detection of mutagenic cells that can result in cancer or diseases affecting the immune system. In terms of red blood cells, the release of oxygen is increased, so more oxygen can reach cells, improving cellular function and blood circulation in general. It is also a powerful germicide, eliminating fungi, bacteria and viruses. This broad range of benefits increases the number of therapeutic applications as well as the variety of 

DSC_0598diseases it can be used on. From carcinoma, cerebral sclerosis and Parkinson, to cystitis, blood

circulation difficulties, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis and vesicular diseases.

We also treat general rheumatic illnesses, polyarthritis, hernias, arthritis, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, gangrene and diabetic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, IBS, anal eczema, anal abscesses or fistulas, hemorrhoids and genital infections.

We also use ozone to heal skin affected by a wide range of pathologies: scars, scar-resistant injuries, dermatological problems (abscesses, fistulas, boils, acne, etc.), burns, fungi, simplex or zoster herpes.

Ozone therapy is used more frequently in cases where allopathic medicine does not work to the extent required. This could be the case for patients with chronic or life-threatening conditions, or that could cause a loss of one of their limbs, such as gangrenes, ulcers or eyesight problems (especially cataracts), as well as those with generalized infections and blood circulation problems.

Ozone offers overall improvements to the metabolism. On the one hand, blood circulation improves in the affected tissue. On the other, the transport of oxygen and therefore the supply of energy to inflamed areas are also accentuated. The immune system is influenced or stimulated in a positive way. With regards to cosmetic use, ozone can activate skin cells, and can have immuno-stimulant, pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.






Blood sample BEFORE ozone therapy treatment


Blood sample AFTER ozone therapy treatment